Havenese Dogs are Small Dogs with Big Hearts.

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Havanese Dogs
The Havanese is a dog breed recognized by the American Kennel Association. It is in the toy dog category and is native to Cuba. The Bichon Tenerife is now extinct but it is the dog from which the Havanese and many other dogs in the Bichon family were developed.  The Havanese was brought to the Canary Islands by the Spanish and to Spain by sailors.  This small breed can now be found the world over but it is a rare breed and therefore quite expensive.

Physical Description:
Havanese puppies can be any color.  They may also be partially-colored or freckled. The Havanese that is all white is the rarest and highly sought after; they are the most expensive. Their height ranges from 8.5 inches to 11.5 inches. The Havanese are sturdy little dogs but they do not weigh much. Their ears hang downwards and their tail is carried high and falls over their back. They have long fur and benefit from regular brushing as their coat can become matted if left unattended.  Havanese dogs do not shed and do not have much dander. The dog should have a natural look.  The breed standard stipulates that everything should be natural; natural ears that have not been cropped, uncut tail, etc.

Havanese puppies and dogs are great with children because they love to play and frolic about.  They are good natured and have an even temperament.  Havanese puppies are not difficult to train because they like to please. They are also easy to train because they are very alert and clever. Havanese puppies bond easily with children and their owners and remain loyal.  They can also be protective of children.

Health Issues:
The Havanese can be fragile when it comes to their health. They are susceptible to many ailments including cataracts, hip displacement, liver shunts, heart murmurs, deafness and patellar luxation. A responsible Havanese breeder will openly discuss all the ailments their line has had and they will show how they have introduced different lines to overcome any problems.  A good breeder will also provide a health guarantee that their line is free from hip dysplasia and will offer a health certificate. 

The Great Benefits of a Havanese Friend:
The Havanese is a cute little dog with a very pleasant personality.  The fact that they do not shed and have very little dander causes them to be an ideal candidate for someone who is allergic to dogs but wants a dog regardless. Some doctors may say there is no such thing as a hypoallergenic dog but the fact remains that the less dander a dog will shed the less reaction a person allergic to dogs will have. Havanese dogs are a natural looking dog requiring very little upkeep. The fact that it is easily trained, clever, cheerful and good with children makes it an ideal house pet for a family with young children. It is an equally good choice for a person in need of companionship because it prefers to be next to someone rather than anything else, including running around and eating. It is for this reason that the Havanese is often used as a pet assisted therapy animal and that it makes an excellent best friend.


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